petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


Read a Vec representing the values of a field at a cell set from an exodusII file.


#include "petscdmmesh.h" 
PetscErrorCode VecLoadExodusCellSet(DM dm,Vec v,PetscInt csID,MPI_Comm comm,PetscInt exoid,PetscInt step,PetscInt exofield)

Input Parameters

dm - the DMMesh representing the mesh
v - the LOCAL vector of values to be saved (i.e. with ghost values) obtained with SectionRealCreateLocalVector. if v represents a field with several components, the block size must be set accordingly using VecSetBlockSize().
csID - the ID of the cell set
comm - the communicator associated to the exo file + if size(comm) == 1 each processor writes its local vector into a separate file . if size(comm) > 1, the values are sent to cpu 0, and written in a single file
exoid - the id of the exodusII file (obtained with ex_open or ex_create)
step -the time step to write
exofield -the position in the exodus field of the first component

Interpolated meshes are not supported. -



See Also

MeshCreate() MeshCreateExodus() SectionRealCreateLocalVector() VecViewExodusCellSet()
VecViewExodusVertexSet() VecLoadExodusVertexSet() VecViewExodusCell() VecLoadExodusCell() VecViewExodusVertex() VecLoadExodusVertex()

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