petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


Use algebraic multigrid preconditioning. This preconditioner requires you provide fine grid discretization matrix. The coarser grid matrices and restriction/interpolation operators are computed by ML, with the matrices coverted to PETSc matrices in aij format and the restriction/interpolation operators wrapped as PETSc shell matrices.

Options Database Key

Multigrid options(inherited)
-pc_mg_cycles <1>: 1 for V cycle, 2 for W- cycle (MGSetCycles)
-pc_mg_smoothup <1>: Number of post- smoothing steps (MGSetNumberSmoothUp)
-pc_mg_smoothdown <1>: Number of pre- smoothing steps (MGSetNumberSmoothDown) -pc_mg_type <multiplicative>: (one of) additive multiplicative full cascade kascade ML options:
-pc_ml_PrintLevel <0>: Print level (ML_Set_PrintLevel)- . -pc_ml_maxNlevels <10>: Maximum number of levels (None)
-pc_ml_maxCoarseSize <1>: Maximum coarsest mesh size (ML_Aggregate_Set_MaxCoarseSize)- . -pc_ml_CoarsenScheme <Uncoupled>: (one of) Uncoupled Coupled MIS METIS
-pc_ml_DampingFactor <1.33333>: P damping factor (ML_Aggregate_Set_DampingFactor)- . -pc_ml_Threshold <0>: Smoother drop tol (ML_Aggregate_Set_Threshold)
-pc_ml_SpectralNormScheme_Anorm <false>: Method used for estimating spectral radius (ML_Set_SpectralNormScheme_Anorm)-

See Also

PCCreate(), PCSetType(), PCType (for list of available types), PC, PCMGType,
PCMGSetLevels(), PCMGGetLevels(), PCMGSetType(), MPSetCycles(), PCMGSetNumberSmoothDown(), PCMGSetNumberSmoothUp(), PCMGGetCoarseSolve(), PCMGSetResidual(), PCMGSetInterpolation(), PCMGSetRestriction(), PCMGGetSmoother(), PCMGGetSmootherUp(), PCMGGetSmootherDown(), PCMGSetCyclesOnLevel(), PCMGSetRhs(), PCMGSetX(), PCMGSetR()

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