petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


traverse shell's components registered with PetscShellRegisterComponentShell(), PetscShellRegisterComponentURL(), or PetscShellRegisterDependence(), and executes PetscShellCall() on the components with the given message. The traversal is done in the topological order defined by the graph with edges specified by PetscShellRegisterDependence() calls: this way "server" components are guaranteed to be called before the "client" components.


PetscErrorCode PetscShellVisit(PetscShell shell, const char* message)
Logically collective on PetscShell.

Input paramters

shell - - a PetscShell object
message - - a character string

Notes: In response to the message the object performs actions defined by its URL (see PetscShellSetURL()). Side effects may include, in particular, actions on the composed objects (see PetscObjectCompose()).


See Also

PetscShellCall(), PetscShellRegisterComponentShell(), PetscShellRegisterComponentURL(), PetscShellRegisterDependence()

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