Actual source code: petscsftypes.h

petsc-3.5.4 2015-05-23
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  1: #if !defined(_PETSCSFTYPES_H)
  2: #define _PETSCSFTYPES_H

  4: /*S
  5:    PetscSF - PETSc object for setting up and managing the communication of certain entries of arrays and Vecs between MPI processes.

  7:    Level: intermediate

  9:   Concepts: star forest

 11:        PetscSF uses the concept of star forests to indicate and determine the communication patterns concisely and efficiently.
 12:   A star forest is simply a collection of trees of height 1. The leave nodes represent
 13:   "ghost locations" for the root nodes.

 15: .seealso: PetscSFCreate(), VecScatter, VecScatterCreate()
 16: S*/
 17: typedef struct _p_PetscSF* PetscSF;

 19: #endif