petsc-3.13.1 2020-05-02
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extract local product coordinate arrays, one per dimension


PetscErrorCode DMStagGetProductCoordinateArrays(DM dm,void* arrX,void* arrY,void* arrZ)
Logically Collective

A high-level helper function to quickly extract local coordinate arrays.

Note that 2-dimensional arrays are returned. See DMStagVecGetArray(), which is called internally to produce these arrays representing coordinates on elements and vertices (element boundaries) for a 1-dimensional DMStag in each coordinate direction.

One should use DMStagGetProductCoordinateSlot() to determine appropriate indices for the second dimension in these returned arrays. This function checks that the coordinate array is a suitable product of 1-dimensional DMStag objects.

Input Parameter

dm -the DMStag object

Output Parameters

arrX,arrY,arrZ -local 1D coordinate arrays

See Also

DMSTAG, DMPRODUCT, DMStagGetProductCoordinateArraysRead(), DMStagSetUniformCoordinates(), DMStagSetUniformCoordinatesProduct(), DMStagGetProductCoordinateLocationSlot()




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