petsc-3.12.4 2020-02-04
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Tabulates the basis functions, and perhaps derivatives, at the points provided.


#include "petscfe.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscFEGetTabulation(PetscFE fem, PetscInt npoints, const PetscReal points[], PetscReal **B, PetscReal **D, PetscReal **H)
Not collective

Input Parameters

fem - The PetscFE object
npoints - The number of tabulation points
points - The tabulation point coordinates

Output Parameters

B - The basis function values at tabulation points
D - The basis function derivatives at tabulation points
H - The basis function second derivatives at tabulation points


B[(p*pdim + i)*Nc + c] is the value at point p for basis function i and component c
D[((p*pdim + i)*Nc + c)*dim + d] is the derivative value at point p for basis function i, component c, in direction d
H[(((p*pdim + i)*Nc + c)*dim + d)*dim + e] is the value at point p for basis function i, component c, in directions d and e

See Also

PetscFERestoreTabulation(), PetscFEGetDefaultTabulation()






PetscFEGetTabulation_Basic in src/dm/dt/fe/impls/basic/febasic.c
PetscFEGetTabulation_Composite in src/dm/dt/fe/impls/composite/fecomposite.c
src/dm/dt/fe/impls/opencl/feopencl.c:776:PETSC_EXTERN PetscErrorCode PetscFEGetTabulation_Basic(PetscFE, PetscInt, const PetscReal [],
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