C struct that contains information about a structured grid and a processors logical location in it.


typedef struct {
  PetscInt         dim,dof,sw;
  PetscInt         mx,my,mz;    /* global number of grid points in each direction */
  PetscInt         xs,ys,zs;    /* starting point of this processor, excluding ghosts */
  PetscInt         xm,ym,zm;    /* number of grid points on this processor, excluding ghosts */
  PetscInt         gxs,gys,gzs;    /* starting point of this processor including ghosts */
  PetscInt         gxm,gym,gzm;    /* number of grid points on this processor including ghosts */
  DMBoundaryType   bx,by,bz; /* type of ghost nodes at boundary */
  DMDAStencilType  st;
  DM               da;
} DMDALocalInfo;
Level: beginner

Fortran Notes - This should be declared as

   DMDALocalInfo :: info(DMDA_LOCAL_INFO_SIZE)
and the entries accessed via
   info(DMDA_LOCAL_INFO_DOF) etc.
The entries bx,by,bz, st, and da are not accessible from Fortran.

See Also

DMDACreate1d(), DMDACreate2d(), DMDACreate3d(), DMDestroy(), DM, DMDAGetLocalInfo(), DMDAGetInfo()