Restores a multiple dimension array obtained with DMDAVecGetArray()


#include "petscdmda.h"   
PetscErrorCode  DMDAVecRestoreArray(DM da,Vec vec,void *array)
Logically collective on da

Input Parameter

da - the distributed array
vec - the vector, either a vector the same size as one obtained with DMCreateGlobalVector() or DMCreateLocalVector()
array - the array, non-NULL pointer is zeroed

Level: intermediate

Fortran Notes

From Fortran use DMDAVecRestoreArayF90()

See Also

DMDAGetGhostCorners(), DMDAGetCorners(), VecGetArray(), VecRestoreArray(), DMDAVecGetArray(),
DMDAVecGetArrayWrite(), DMDAVecRestoreArrayWrite(), DMDAVecGetArrayRead(), DMDAVecRestoreArrayRead(), DMDStagVecRestoreArray()