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Adds a new viewer to monitor


#include "petscdmnetwork.h"  
PetscErrorCode DMNetworkMonitorAdd(DMNetworkMonitor monitor,const char *name,PetscInt element,PetscInt nodes,PetscInt start,PetscInt blocksize,PetscReal xmin,PetscReal xmax,PetscReal ymin,PetscReal ymax,PetscBool hold)
Collective on monitor

Input Parameters

monitor - the monitor
name - name of viewer
element - vertex / edge number
nodes - number of nodes
start - variable starting offset
blocksize - variable blocksize
xmin - xmin (or PETSC_DECIDE) for viewer
xmax - xmax (or PETSC_DECIDE) for viewer
ymin - ymin for viewer
ymax - ymax for viewer
hold - determines if plot limits should be held


This is written to be independent of the semantics associated to the variables at a given network vertex / edge.

Precisely, the parameters nodes, start and blocksize allow you to select a general strided subarray of the variables to monitor.

See Also

DMNetworkMonitorCreate(), DMNetworkMonitorDestroy()




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