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Get all quadrature points necessary to compute the interior degrees of freedom from this space, as well as the matrix that computes the degrees of freedom from the quadrature values. Degrees of freedom are interior degrees of freedom if they belong (by PetscDualSpaceGetSection()) to interior points in the reference DMPlex: complementary boundary degrees of freedom are marked as constrained in the section returned by PetscDualSpaceGetSection()).


#include "petscfe.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscDualSpaceGetInteriorData(PetscDualSpace sp, PetscQuadrature *intNodes, Mat *intMat)

Input Parameter

sp - The dualspace

Output Parameter

intNodes - A PetscQuadrature object containing all evaluation points needed to evaluate interior degrees of freedom
intMat - A matrix that computes dual space values from point values: size [spdim0 x (npoints * nc)], where spdim0 is the size of the constrained layout (PetscSectionGetConstrainStorageSize()) of the dual space section, npoints is the number of points in intNodes and nc is PetscDualSpaceGetNumComponents().

See Also

PetscDualSpaceCreate(), PetscDualSpaceGetDimension(), PetscDualSpaceGetNumComponents(), PetscQuadratureGetData()




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