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Transform the function gradient values


#include "petscfe.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscDualSpaceTransformGradient(PetscDualSpace dsp, PetscDualSpaceTransformType trans, PetscBool isInverse, PetscFEGeom *fegeom, PetscInt Nv, PetscInt Nc, PetscScalar vals[])

Input Parameters

dsp - The PetscDualSpace
trans - The type of transform
isInverse - Flag to invert the transform
fegeom - The cell geometry
Nv - The number of function gradient samples
Nc - The number of function components
vals - The function gradient values

Output Parameter

vals - The transformed function values

Note: This only handles tranformations when the embedding dimension of the geometry in fegeom is the same as the reference dimension.

See Also

PetscDualSpaceTransform(), PetscDualSpacePullback(), PetscDualSpacePushforward(), PetscDualSpaceTransformType




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