Given a matrix for which a MatFDColoring context has been created, computes the Jacobian for a function via finite differences.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode  MatFDColoringApply(Mat J,MatFDColoring coloring,Vec x1,void *sctx)
Collective on MatFDColoring

Input Parameters

mat - location to store Jacobian
coloring - coloring context created with MatFDColoringCreate()
x1 - location at which Jacobian is to be computed
sctx - context required by function, if this is being used with the SNES solver then it is SNES object, otherwise it is null

Options Database Keys

-mat_fd_type - "wp" or "ds" (see MATMFFD_WP or MATMFFD_DS)
-mat_fd_coloring_view - Activates basic viewing or coloring
-mat_fd_coloring_view draw - Activates drawing of coloring
-mat_fd_coloring_view ::ascii_info - Activates viewing of coloring info

Level: intermediate

See Also

MatFDColoringCreate(), MatFDColoringDestroy(), MatFDColoringView(), MatFDColoringSetFunction(), MatFDColoringSetValues()