Gets a partitioning for a matrix.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode  MatPartitioningApply(MatPartitioning matp,IS *partitioning)
Collective on Mat

Input Parameters

matp - the matrix partitioning object

Output Parameters

partitioning - the partitioning. For each local node this tells the processor number that that node is assigned to.

Options Database Keys

To specify the partitioning through the options database, use one of the following
   -mat_partitioning_type parmetis, -mat_partitioning current
To see the partitioning result

Level: beginner

The user can define additional partitionings; see MatPartitioningRegister().

See Also

MatPartitioningRegister(), MatPartitioningCreate(),
MatPartitioningDestroy(), MatPartitioningSetAdjacency(), ISPartitioningToNumbering(), ISPartitioningCount()