Gets the local KSP contexts for all blocks on this processor.


#include "petscpc.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PCGASMGetSubKSP(PC pc,PetscInt *n_local,PetscInt *first_local,KSP *ksp[])
Collective on PC iff first_local is requested

Input Parameter

pc - the preconditioner context

Output Parameters

n_local - the number of blocks on this processor or NULL
first_local - the global number of the first block on this processor or NULL, all processors must request or all must pass NULL
ksp - the array of KSP contexts


After PCGASMGetSubKSP() the array of KSPes is not to be freed

Currently for some matrix implementations only 1 block per processor is supported.

You must call KSPSetUp() before calling PCGASMGetSubKSP().

Level: advanced

See Also

PCGASMSetSubdomains(), PCGASMSetOverlap(),