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Creates a new DM that is adapted to the problem


#include "petscdmadaptor.h" 
PetscErrorCode DMAdaptorAdapt(DMAdaptor adaptor, Vec x, DMAdaptationStrategy strategy, DM *adm, Vec *ax)
Not collective

Input Parameter

adaptor - The DMAdaptor object
x - The global approximate solution
strategy - The adaptation strategy

Output Parameters

adm - The adapted DM
ax - The adapted solution

Options database keys

-snes_adapt <strategy> : initial, sequential, multigrid
-adapt_gradient_view : View the Clement interpolant of the solution gradient
-adapt_hessian_view : View the Clement interpolant of the solution Hessian
-adapt_metric_view : View the metric tensor for adaptive mesh refinement

Note: The available adaptation strategies are

1) Adapt the initial mesh until a quality metric, e.g., a priori error bound, is satisfied
2) Solve the problem on a series of adapted meshes until a quality metric, e.g. a posteriori error bound, is satisfied
3) Solve the problem on a hierarchy of adapted meshes generated to satisfy a quality metric using multigrid

See Also

DMAdaptorSetSolver(), DMAdaptorCreate(), DMAdaptorAdapt()




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