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Returns the context for the Picard iteration


#include "petscsnes.h"  
PetscErrorCode  SNESGetPicard(SNES snes,Vec *r,PetscErrorCode (**f)(SNES,Vec,Vec,void*),Mat *Amat, Mat *Pmat, PetscErrorCode (**J)(SNES,Vec,Mat,Mat,void*),void **ctx)
Not Collective, but Vec is parallel if SNES is parallel. Collective if Vec is requested, but has not been created yet.

Input Parameter

snes - the SNES context

Output Parameter

r - the function (or NULL)
f - the function (or NULL); see SNESFunction for calling sequence details
Amat - the matrix used to defined the operation A(x) x - b(x) (or NULL)
Pmat - the matrix from which the preconditioner will be constructed (or NULL)
J - the function for matrix evaluation (or NULL); see SNESJacobianFunction for calling sequence details
ctx - the function context (or NULL)

See Also

SNESSetPicard(), SNESGetFunction(), SNESGetJacobian(), SNESGetDM(), SNESFunction, SNESJacobianFunction




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