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Insert a YAML-formatted file in the option database


#include "petscsys.h"   
PetscErrorCode PetscOptionsInsertFileYAML(MPI_Comm comm,const char file[],PetscBool require)

Input Parameter

comm - the processes that will share the options (usually PETSC_COMM_WORLD)
file - name of file
require - if PETSC_TRUE will generate an error if the file does not exist

Only a small subset of the YAML standard is implemented. Sequences are NOT supported; aliases and the merge key "<<" are. The algorithm recursively parses the yaml file, pushing and popping prefixes and inserting key + values pairs using PetscOptionsInsertString().

PETSc will generate an error condition that stops the program if a YAML error is detected, hence the user should check that the YAML file is valid before supplying it, for instance at .

Inspired by

See Also

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