Sets the routine for evaluating the function, where U_t = G(t,u).


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode  TSSetRHSFunction(TS ts,Vec r,PetscErrorCode (*f)(TS,PetscReal,Vec,Vec,void*),void *ctx)
Logically Collective on TS

Input Parameters

ts - the TS context obtained from TSCreate()
r - vector to put the computed right hand side (or NULL to have it created)
f - routine for evaluating the right-hand-side function
ctx - [optional] user-defined context for private data for the function evaluation routine (may be NULL)

Calling sequence of f

    PetscErrorCode f(TS ts,PetscReal t,Vec u,Vec F,void *ctx);

ts - timestep context
t - current timestep
u - input vector
F - function vector
ctx - [optional] user-defined function context

Level: beginner


You must call this function or TSSetIFunction() to define your ODE. You cannot use this function when solving a DAE.

See Also

TSSetRHSJacobian(), TSSetIJacobian(), TSSetIFunction()