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Use collective MPI-IO transfer mode for HDF5 reads and writes.


#include "petscviewerhdf5.h"   
PetscErrorCode PetscViewerHDF5SetCollective(PetscViewer viewer,PetscBool flg)
Logically Collective; flg must contain common value

Input Parameters

viewer - the PetscViewer; if it is not hdf5 then this command is ignored
flg - PETSC_TRUE for collective mode; PETSC_FALSE for independent mode (default)

Options Database

-viewer_hdf5_collective - turns on (true) or off (false) collective transfers


Collective mode gives the MPI-IO layer underneath HDF5 a chance to do some additional collective optimizations and hence can perform better. However, this works correctly only since HDF5 1.10.3 and if HDF5 is installed for MPI; hence, we ignore this setting for older versions.

Developer notes

In the HDF5 layer, PETSC_TRUE / PETSC_FALSE means H5Pset_dxpl_mpio() is called with H5FD_MPIO_COLLECTIVE / H5FD_MPIO_INDEPENDENT, respectively. This in turn means use of MPI_File_{read,write}_all / MPI_File_{read,write} in the MPI-IO layer, respectively. See HDF5 documentation and MPI-IO documentation for details.

See Also

PetscViewerHDF5GetCollective(), PetscViewerCreate(), PetscViewerSetType(), PetscViewerHDF5Open()






PetscViewerHDF5SetCollective_HDF5 in src/sys/classes/viewer/impls/hdf5/hdf5v.c

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