sets parameters in a DM from the options database


#include "petscdm.h"          
#include "petscdmlabel.h"     
#include "petscds.h"     
PetscErrorCode DMSetFromOptions(DM dm)
Collective on dm

Input Parameter

dm - the DM object to set options for

Options Database

-dm_preallocate_only - Only preallocate the matrix for DMCreateMatrix(), but do not fill it with zeros
-dm_vec_type <type> - type of vector to create inside DM
-dm_mat_type <type> - type of matrix to create inside DM
-dm_is_coloring_type - <global or local>

DMPLEX Specific Checks

-dm_plex_check_symmetry - Check that the adjacency information in the mesh is symmetric - DMPlexCheckSymmetry()
-dm_plex_check_skeleton - Check that each cell has the correct number of vertices (only for homogeneous simplex or tensor meshes) - DMPlexCheckSkeleton()
-dm_plex_check_faces - Check that the faces of each cell give a vertex order this is consistent with what we expect from the cell type - DMPlexCheckFaces()
-dm_plex_check_geometry - Check that cells have positive volume - DMPlexCheckGeometry()
-dm_plex_check_pointsf - Check some necessary conditions for PointSF - DMPlexCheckPointSF()
-dm_plex_check_interface_cones - Check points on inter-partition interfaces have conforming order of cone points - DMPlexCheckInterfaceCones()
-dm_plex_check_all - Perform all the checks above

Level: intermediate

See Also

DMView(), DMCreateGlobalVector(), DMCreateInterpolation(), DMCreateColoring(), DMCreateMatrix(),
DMPlexCheckSymmetry(), DMPlexCheckSkeleton(), DMPlexCheckFaces(), DMPlexCheckGeometry(), DMPlexCheckPointSF(), DMPlexCheckInterfaceCones()