sets parameters in a PetscPartitioner from the options database


#include "petscpartitioner.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscPartitionerSetFromOptions(PetscPartitioner part)
Collective on PetscPartitioner

Input Parameter

part - the PetscPartitioner object to set options for

Options Database Keys

-petscpartitioner_type <type> - Sets the PetscPartitioner type; use -help for a list of available types
-petscpartitioner_use_vertex_weights - Uses weights associated with the graph vertices
-petscpartitioner_view_graph - View the graph each time PetscPartitionerPartition is called. Viewer can be customized, see PetscOptionsGetViewer()

Level: developer

See Also

PetscPartitionerView(), PetscPartitionerSetType(), PetscPartitionerPartition()