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Rewrite coordinates of 3 or more coplanar 3D points to a common 2D basis for the plane. The normal is defined by positive orientation of the first 3 points.


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
#include "petscfe.h"       
PetscErrorCode DMPlexComputeProjection3Dto2D(PetscInt coordSize, PetscScalar coords[], PetscReal R[])
Not collective

Input Parameter

coordSize - Length of coordinate array (3x number of points); must be at least 9 (3 points)
coords - The interlaced coordinates of each coplanar 3D point

Output Parameters

coords - The first 2*coordSize/3 entries contain interlaced 2D points, with the rest undefined
R - 3x3 row-major rotation matrix whose columns are the tangent basis [t1, t2, n]. Multiplying by R^T transforms from original frame to tangent frame.

See Also

DMPlexComputeProjection2Dto1D(), DMPlexComputeProjection3Dto1D()




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