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Create an internal transformation from the global basis, used to specify boundary conditions and global solutions, to a local basis, appropriate for discretization integrals and assembly.


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexCreateBasisRotation(DM dm, PetscReal alpha, PetscReal beta, PetscReal gamma)

Input Parameters

dm - The DM
alpha - The first Euler angle, and in 2D the only one
beta - The second Euler angle
gamma - The third Euler angle

Note: Following, we will specify Euler angles by extrinsic rotations, meaning that

we rotate with respect to a fixed initial coordinate system, the local basis (x-y-z). The global basis (X-Y-Z) is reached as follows

$ The XYZ system rotates about the z axis by alpha. The X axis is now at angle alpha with respect to the x axis. $ The XYZ system rotates again about the x axis by beta. The Z axis is now at angle beta with respect to the z axis. $ The XYZ system rotates a third time about the z axis by gamma.

See Also

DMPlexGlobalToLocalBasis(), DMPlexLocalToGlobalBasis()




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