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Create a PetscSection based upon the dof layout specification provided.


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexCreateSection(DM dm, DMLabel label[], const PetscInt numComp[],const PetscInt numDof[], PetscInt numBC, const PetscInt bcField[], const IS bcComps[], const IS bcPoints[], IS perm, PetscSection *section)
Not Collective

Input Parameters

dm - The DMPlex object
label - The label indicating the mesh support of each field, or NULL for the whole mesh
numComp - An array of size numFields that holds the number of components for each field
numDof - An array of size numFields*(dim+1) which holds the number of dof for each field on a mesh piece of dimension d
numBC - The number of boundary conditions
bcField - An array of size numBC giving the field number for each boundry condition
bcComps - [Optional] An array of size numBC giving an IS holding the field components to which each boundary condition applies
bcPoints - An array of size numBC giving an IS holding the Plex points to which each boundary condition applies
perm - Optional permutation of the chart, or NULL

Output Parameter

section -The PetscSection object


numDof[f*(dim+1)+d] gives the number of dof for field f on points of dimension d. For instance, numDof[1] is the number of dof for field 0 on each edge.

The chart permutation is the same one set using PetscSectionSetPermutation()

TODO: How is this related to DMCreateLocalSection()

See Also

DMPlexCreate(), PetscSectionCreate(), PetscSectionSetPermutation()







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