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Expand each given point into its cone points and do that recursively until we end up just with vertices (DAG points of depth 0, i.e. without cones).


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexGetConeRecursive(DM dm, IS points, PetscInt *depth, IS *expandedPoints[], PetscSection *sections[])
Not collective

Input Parameters

dm - The DMPlex
points - The IS of points, which must lie in the chart set with DMPlexSetChart()

Output Parameter

depth - (optional) Size of the output arrays, equal to DMPlex depth, returned by DMPlexGetDepth()
expandedPoints - (optional) An array of index sets with recursively expanded cones
sections - (optional) An array of sections which describe mappings from points to their cone points


Like DMPlexGetConeTuple() but recursive.

Array expandedPoints has size equal to depth. Each expandedPoints[d] contains DAG points with maximum depth d, recursively cone-wise expanded from the input points. For example, for d=0 it contains only vertices, for d=1 it can contain vertices and edges, etc.

Array section has size equal to depth. Each PetscSection sections[d] realizes mapping from expandedPoints[d+1] (section points) to expandedPoints[d] (section dofs) as follows

(1) DAG points in expandedPoints[d+1] with depth d+1 to their cone points in expandedPoints[d]; (2) DAG points in expandedPoints[d+1] with depth in [0,d] to the same points in expandedPoints[d].

See Also

DMPlexCreate(), DMPlexGetCone(), DMPlexGetConeTuple(), DMPlexRestoreConeRecursive(), DMPlexGetConeRecursiveVertices(), DMPlexGetDepth()




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