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Restore the field values values for a chunk of faces


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexRestoreFaceFields(DM dm, PetscInt fStart, PetscInt fEnd, Vec locX, Vec locX_t, Vec faceGeometry, Vec cellGeometry, Vec locGrad, PetscInt *Nface, PetscScalar **uL, PetscScalar **uR)

Input Parameters

dm - The DM
fStart - The first face to include
fEnd - The first face to exclude
locX - A local vector with the solution fields
locX_t - A local vector with solution field time derivatives, or NULL
faceGeometry - A local vector with face geometry
cellGeometry - A local vector with cell geometry
locaGrad - A local vector with field gradients, or NULL

Output Parameters

Nface - The number of faces with field values
uL - The field values at the left side of the face
uR - The field values at the right side of the face

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