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get elements per rank in each direction


PetscErrorCode DMStagGetOwnershipRanges(DM dm,const PetscInt *lx[],const PetscInt *ly[],const PetscInt *lz[])
Not Collective

Input Parameter

dm - the DMStag object

Output Parameters

lx - ownership along x direction (optional)
ly - ownership along y direction (optional)
lz - ownership along z direction (optional)


These correspond to the optional final arguments passed to DMStagCreate1d(), DMStagCreate2d(), and DMStagCreate3d().

Arguments corresponding to higher dimensions are ignored for 1D and 2D grids. These arguments may be set to NULL in this case.

In C you should not free these arrays, nor change the values in them. They will only have valid values while the DMStag they came from still exists (has not been destroyed).

See Also

DMSTAG, DMStagSetGlobalSizes(), DMStagSetOwnershipRanges(), DMStagCreate1d(), DMStagCreate2d(), DMStagCreate3d(), DMDAGetOwnershipRanges()




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