Builds ISLocalToGlobalMapping for a particular global to local mapping approach.


#include "petscis.h"  
PetscErrorCode  ISLocalToGlobalMappingSetType(ISLocalToGlobalMapping ltog, ISLocalToGlobalMappingType type)
Logically Collective on ISLocalToGlobalMapping

Input Parameters

ltog - the ISLocalToGlobalMapping object
type - a known method

Options Database Key

-islocaltoglobalmapping_type <method> - Sets the method; use -help for a list of available methods (for instance, basic or hash)


See "petsc/include/petscis.h" for available methods

Normally, it is best to use the ISLocalToGlobalMappingSetFromOptions() command and then set the ISLocalToGlobalMapping type from the options database rather than by using this routine.

Level: intermediate

Developer Note: ISLocalToGlobalMappingRegister() is used to add new types to ISLocalToGlobalMappingList from which they are accessed by ISLocalToGlobalMappingSetType().

See Also

PCSetType(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingType, ISLocalToGlobalMappingRegister(), ISLocalToGlobalMappingCreate()