Solves A X = B^T, given a factored matrix.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode MatMatTransposeSolve(Mat A,Mat Bt,Mat X)
Neighbor-wise Collective on Mat

Input Parameters

A - the factored matrix
Bt - the transpose of right-hand-side matrix

Output Parameter

X - the result matrix (dense matrix)


Most users should usually employ the simplified KSP interface for linear solvers instead of working directly with matrix algebra routines such as this. See, e.g., KSPCreate(). However KSP can only solve for one vector (column of X) at a time.

For MUMPS, it only supports centralized sparse compressed column format on the host processor for right hand side matrix. User must create B^T in sparse compressed row format on the host processor and call MatMatTransposeSolve() to implement MUMPS' MatMatSolve().

Level: developer

See Also

MatMatSolve(), MatMatSolveTranspose(), MatLUFactor(), MatCholeskyFactor()