Inserts a row (block row for BAIJ matrices) of nonzero values into a matrix


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode MatSetValuesRowLocal(Mat mat,PetscInt row,const PetscScalar v[])
Not Collective

Input Parameters

mat - the matrix
row - the (block) row to set
v - a logically two-dimensional array of values


By the values, v, are column-oriented (for the block version) and sorted

All the nonzeros in the row must be provided

The matrix must have previously had its column indices set

The row must belong to this process

Level: intermediate

See Also

MatSetOption(), MatAssemblyBegin(), MatAssemblyEnd(), MatSetValuesBlocked(), MatSetValuesLocal(),
InsertMode, INSERT_VALUES, ADD_VALUES, MatSetValues(), MatSetValuesRow(), MatSetLocalToGlobalMapping()