end operation started in matching call to PetscSFFetchAndOpBegin() to fetch values from roots and update atomically by applying operation using my leaf value


#include "petscsf.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscSFFetchAndOpEnd(PetscSF sf,MPI_Datatype unit,void *rootdata,const void *leafdata,void *leafupdate,MPI_Op op)

Input Arguments

sf - star forest
unit - data type
leafdata - leaf values to use in reduction
op - operation to use for reduction

Output Arguments

rootdata - root values to be updated, input state is seen by first process to perform an update
leafupdate - state at each leaf's respective root immediately prior to my atomic update

Level: advanced

See Also

PetscSFComputeDegreeEnd(), PetscSFReduceEnd(), PetscSFSetGraph()