Monitors progress of the TS solvers by plotting each component of the error in a time based line graph


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode  TSMonitorLGError(TS ts,PetscInt step,PetscReal ptime,Vec u,void *dummy)
Collective on TS

Input Parameters

ts - the TS context
step - current time-step
ptime - current time
u - current solution
dctx - TSMonitorLGCtx object created with TSMonitorLGCtxCreate()

Level: intermediate


Each process in a parallel run displays its component errors in a separate window

The user must provide the solution using TSSetSolutionFunction() to use this monitor.

Options Database Keys

-ts_monitor_lg_error - create a graphical monitor of error history

See Also

TSMonitorSet(), TSMonitorDefault(), VecView(), TSSetSolutionFunction()