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DM Examples

DM objects are used to manage communication between the algebraic structures in PETSc (Vec and Mat) and mesh data structures in PDE-based (or other) simulations. See, for example, DMDACreate().

ex1.c: Define a simple field over the mesh\n\n
ex2.c: Read in a mesh and test whether it is valid\n\n
ex5.c: Demonstrate HDF5/XDMF load-save-reload cycle\n\n
ex6.c: Spectral element access patterns with Plex\n\n
ex7.c: Create a Plex sphere from quads and create a P1 section\n\n
ex8.c: Element closure restrictions in tensor/lexicographic/spectral-element ordering using DMPlex\n\n
ex9.c: Evaluate the shape quality of a mesh\n\n