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DAOS driver for ROMIO

April 15th, 2021

Our friends at Intel contributed an ADIO driver for DAOS . The ROMIO driver name is, simply enough “daos”, so to enable it configure with --with-file-system=daos+ufs+whateverfs and force selection of the DAOS driver with the ‘daos:’ prefix.

The driver uses the ‘DFS’ mapping to the DAOS object model. Doing so lets you access ROMIO-generated files with the POSIX ‘dfuse’ interface.

Setup: For more information about how to set up Pools and Containers, see https://daos-stack.github.io/user/mpi-io/

Limitations: Like a few other drivers, the DAOS driver does not support shared file pointers, ordered mode collectives, or atomicity.


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