Automated Reasoning:
33 Basic Research Problems

by Larry Wos, Prentice-Hall, 1988.
This book describes various obstacles confronting the automation of reasoning and proposes 33 research problems whose solution could significantly advance the power of reasoning programs now in use. Since automated reasoning is, to a major extent, an experimental science, heavy emphasis is placed on the benefits of experimentation. Numerous test problems from various fields are included; and researchers are strongly encouraged to use these problems to test, compare, and evaluate new approaches to automated reasoning.

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Contents of the Book

  1. Introduction --- 1
  2. An Overview of Some Obstacles to the Automation of Reasoning --- 13
  3. The List of Basic Research Problems --- 51
  4. Review of Automated Reasoning --- 65
  5. 33 Basic Research Problems: Detailed Discussion --- 109
  6. Test Problems and Experimentation --- 179
  7. The Future of Automated Reasoning --- 247

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