Weekly Test Meetings

The Access Grid team at Argonne holds an AG test meeting each week to provide general assistance to Access Grid users and developers.  Test meetings are open to the community for any suitable use; for example:
  • Installation and configuration of Access Grid or related software
  • Audio and video configuration, troubleshooting, and testing (can you hear me?)
  • Shared application testing
    Test the applications that ship with the toolkit, or bring your own to demo and test
  • Development questions
  • Most anything else...

The meetings take place in the Argonne National Laboratory venue.

AG2 users
Enter the institutional venue server (, then go to Government Institutions Lobby, then Argonne National Laboratory.

AG3 users
Enter the Argonne Lobby ( [just type the hostname into the Venue Client]), then head to Institution Lobby, then Government Institutions, then Argonne National Laboratory.  Or, subscribe to the AG developers meeting schedule (, from which you can enter the test meeting directly.

Test meetings are held each week on Thursday, at 10am Central time.

If you have any trouble joining the Venue, you can join us in the Jabber chat room for the Argonne venue (argonne-national-laboratory(, or send mail to, and we'll help you that way, too.


For more information: