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Access Grid Toolkit

Access Grid Toolkit 2.0 Final


Release Notes

Known Issues:


  • There are some general stability issues that cause infrequent losses of venue state.


  • SetupVideo.py has no output, don't expect any :-).

Current Bugs:

ID Sev Pri Plt Summary
74 nor P2 PC confusing end of installation
77 cri P2 PC Venue Server caused VenueClient and Nodemanager to hang
101 nor P2 PC HaveValidCertificate() method request
164 nor P2 PC data store problems
195 nor P2 PC Can't cntrl-C to exit UI
207 nor P2 PC VenueClient can't have same filename in personalDataStore...
224 nor P2 PC Adding very large description causes huge memory footprin...
227 nor P2 PC upload log file
232 nor P2 PC massive port usage
256 nor P2 Oth Can't open HTML urls iwth Opera set as default browser
266 nor P2 Oth Massive memory use
271 nor P2 PC need way to programmatically access software version number
277 nor P2 PC Globus install race condition
278 nor P2 PC RAT not starting and VIC not receiving video in lobby
289 nor P2 Oth network config failure
290 nor P2 PC default venue indicators
294 nor P2 PC certificate error
302 nor P2 PC VenueServer dies when trying to give it --cert/--key and ...
303 tri P2 PC sorting of venue exits shouldn't be case-sensitive
304 cri P2 PC need to be able to rename exits
306 maj P2 PC Need multi line paste in 2.0 text tool
308 nor P2 PC max server uptime with identity cert is 8 hours
309 nor P2 PC two or three quick texclient messages causes local venuec...

Reporting Bugs:
To report any bugs or feature requests, please use our bugzilla server at http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/accessgrid.

Bugs Fixed:

ID Sev Pri Plt Summary
65 maj P2 PC rat not starting on entering a venue
66 nor P2 PC vic and QuickCam not happy
171 nor P2 PC media tools don't exit when the client closes
219 nor P2 Oth service shutdown exception
225 nor P2 PC Network wizard failed, output included
234 nor P2 PC Remove user
238 nor P2 PC client doesn't start after first exit
239 nor P2 PC Rat didn't shut down
251 nor P2 PC When I add personal data it doesn't update the UI until I...
258 nor P2 PC Error when starting a transmitting vic with video producer.
259 nor P2 Oth sorting of data
260 nor P2 Oth static addressing doesn't persist
261 nor P2 Oth applications don't persist
262 nor P2 PC rat comes up with 8khz gsm
263 nor P2 Oth Linux personalNode ipc bug
264 nor P2 PC Invalid url dialog
265 nor P2 Oth Data URLs not updated on server restart
267 nor P2 PC Add Service
268 nor P2 Oth video producers shouldn't autoplace
269 nor P2 PC Open data
273 nor P2 PC Disconnect from network
274 nor P2 Oth have to select tree item before right-click works
275 nor P2 PC Storage location dialog -> static text says Address:
276 nor P2 PC Storage location dialog -> static text says Address:
279 nor P2 PC VideoConsumer does not get local VideoProducer stream.
280 nor P2 PC data properties
281 nor P2 PC Rat doesn't start in linux AudioService, Invalid Address,...
282 nor P2 PC Traceback in open on the .swf file in the TSM lobby
283 nor P2 PC Right click menu on me should put view profile at top
284 nor P2 PC right clicking an exit
285 nor P2 PC Venue->Data|Service ->Open
286 nor P2 PC certificate menu should be under preferences
287 nor P2 PC app.Init broke
288 nor P2 PC Services are not getting killed on exit of personalNode i...
291 nor P2 PC VC won't quit
292 nor P2 PC venue now showing participants in test room
293 nor P2 PC Edit My Venues broken
295 cri P2 PC text chat dies
296 nor P2 PC bookmark doesn't go to venue
298 nor P2 PC Exception on right-click of data item
299 nor P2 PC Bug in VenueClientUIClasses.py
300 nor P2 PC Unfollow broken
301 nor P2 PC Server hangs on startup, or randomly
307 maj P2 PC The AG software should store the proxy cert in the same d...
310 nor P2 PC proxy created by cert manager not recognized - must run wgpi
144 maj P3 PC Exceptions
214 nor P4 Oth data 'open...' doesn't.
233 nor P4 PC Grid Proxy Init Problem



For more information: fl-info@mcs.anl.gov