Access Grid Toolkit 2.3 - Mac OSX


  • OS X 10.3 or 10.4
    10.4 support is new.  Please read the release notes.

Release Notes:

  • 10.4 (Tiger) Notes:
    • The VenueClient will appear squished due to font size and spacing problems resulting from using a different version of wxPython.
    • The audio component (rat) may crash on startup due to a bug. This will be fixed in the 2.4 release.
    • Not all packages listed for 10.3 Panther need to be installed. You can skip Tcl/Tk and wxPython since they are shipped with OS X 10.4
  • Video Hardware:
    • Most Firewire cameras should be able to send video. Verified models include the iSight, iBot, and Panasonic DVX100a.
  • Audio Hardware:
    • You should either use the built-in audio device or a USB device that has been verified to work.
    • To use built-in audio, you should set built-in audio as your default audio device and plug in a standard microphone*.
    • Some USB microphones have been verified to work. Verified models include the Griffin iMic and the Plantronics DA50, DSP-100, and DSP-400.
    • The iSight microphone does not work well yet with the toolkit. It is not recommended since using it will cause your voice to sound lower and drop about 8% of the sound (due to differing sample rates).
    • * If you have a G5 Power Mac (tower case):
      The line-in port does not work with standard computer microphones unless a preamplifier is used. Old Apple microphones and adapters (i.e. plainTalk) are also Not compatible with the G5 tower.
  • Encrypted venues are not yet supported.
  • Some actions take a long time such as changing venues.
  • If you had previously installed the preview release and your VenueClient from the new release has difficulty starting up, removing the ".AccessGrid" folder in your home directory should help. It can be removed by doing a "File->Find" in the Finder, searching for invisible files, and moving it to the trash.


  • OS X 10.3 Panther instructions
    • Install wxPython
    • Install X11
    • Install Tcl/Tk
    • Install Access Grid Toolkit 2.3
    • Run AccessGridToolkit from your Applications folder
  • OS X 10.4 Tiger instructions
    • Install X11
    • Install Access Grid Toolkit 2.3
    • Run AccessGridToolkit from your Applications folder

Software Binaries Source
Python 2.3
Included in OS X 10.3 and 10.4

OSX 10.3 only


Tcl/Tk Aqua

Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.4.9
OSX 10.3 only


X11 for Mac OS X


XFree86 4.3.0

Access Grid Toolkit

Access Grid
Toolkit 2.3



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