Access Grid Toolkit 2.4


ANL-supported packages

Externally-supported packages:

Release Highlights:

  • Automatic anonymous certificate request on startup (in absence of other certificates)
  • Includes
  • Integrated MyProxy support
  • Windows
    • Includes Winnov Videum support
    • BridgeServer support (via included QuickBridge)
    • Properly configure Windows firewall for media tools
  • OSX
    • Tiger (10.4) support
    • Includes AG vic, with autoplace and multiple camera support
      (thanks to Doug Kosovic, University of Queensland)
    • More stable rat
    • Can now install applications on OSX by opening from the VenueClient
  • Many bugs fixed
    • Bug 1026: Review for unicode compatability
    • Bug 1144: Non admin users can't run shared presentation by default
    • Bug 1145: Shared Pres: ViewerNotInstalled exception not visible
    • Bug 1146: ensure default identity and proxy when starting software
    • Bug 1149 (and 788): set OSS_IS_AC97 env var (current rat build sets line playback switch to On)
    • Bug 1169: VenueClient doesn't give warning that no cert is present (or is about to expire)
    • Bug 1174: Node Setup Wizard fails if service manager or node service already running
    • Bug 1176: Verify XP firewall modifications for rat components
    • Bug 1186: Service packages not unzipped properly into user home dir...
    • Bug 1202: fix port allocation to return even ports when requested
    • Bug 1251: Certificate install failed: zero-length password error (password[0], list index out of range)
    • Bug 1263: BridgeServer.cfg static unicast port spec broken
    • Bug 1265: Node Setup Wizard: Debian, Address already in use
    • Bug 1268: Unicode error changing venues
    • Bug 1276: Bridge issues, no video. Only one quickbridge process forked?
    • Bug 1278: may allocate the same port number for multiple QuickBridges
    • Bug 1290: The default venue url is now printed when the VenueServer starts.
    • Bug 1292: OSX Terminal bug starting Service Manager
    • Bug 1295: Unicast bridge client error: NetworkLocationNotFound
    • Bug 1319: Certificate Management and Request Certificate does nothing
    • Bug 1334: File not in venue prevents opening of shared presentation (windows)
    • Bug 1337: Certificate Request Tool fails to come up when multiple proxy servers are configured
    • Use bridge in new Venue if Unicast is selected, independent of bridge provider
    • Set processor affinity in Video services, so vic runs on first CPU only (Windows)
    • Fixed VenueIW/SharedApplicationIW/VenueServerIW.GetAuthorizationManager() method to return correct auth manager url
    • Fixed Authorization Manager SOAP interface
    • Fixed VenueIW.AddRole() and VenueIW.GetAuthorizationManager()
    • Port allocator didn't use min and max port correctly
    • Port allocator hangs when out of ports, should raise an exception
    • Fixed many OSX Tiger UI issues
    • Fixed problems entering venues with newly-retrieved anonymous certificate
    • Made the --debug flag work.
    • Copied docs from I to IW classes, so generated api docs are more complete.
    • Can install applications on OSX by opening from the VenueClient.

Reporting Bugs:
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