Access Grid Toolkit 3.0 beta2


ANL-supported packages

Externally-supported packages:

3.0 beta 2 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bad memory access in integrated beacon. The beacon no longer dominates Windows machines and is now more stable on other platforms
  • Fixed address/port display in Venue properties
  • Bridge beacon client when bridging media (see connectivity through the bridge)
  • Fixed packaging to improve co-existence of 2.4 and 3.0 on Windows
  • Multiple functional and cosmetic fixes in SharedPresentation
  • Fixed removal of shared applications
  • Fixed broken profile dialog
  • Initialize new client preferences not stored in user preferences
  • Updated NodeSetupWizard (was non-functional in beta1)
  • Close multicast detection network connection after listening
  • Store specification of default node config in preferences
  • Implemented VenueClient SOAP interface
  • OSX: Changed how X11 is started to not prevent subsequent VenueClient runs

3.0 Release Highlights

    • Jabber client integration
    • Integrated meeting schedule viewer
    • Improved venue navigation
      • View all Venues on server, exits from current Venue, or MyVenues
      • Tree-based perusal of Venue space (without entering)
    • VenueClient user preferences
    • Certificate not required by VenueClient
    • Improved control of media tools through VenueClient
    • Multicast indicator on VenueClient
    • Integrated per-Venue Multicast Beacon client
    • Integrated beacon matrix
    • New bridging facility (available in any venue)
    • Encrypted network communications throughout
    • Simplified node configuration through discovery of node services and service managers
    • RAT:  silence suppression off by default
    • VIC:  stale streams time out and are removed
    • Windows users:  WDM capture device support, enabling use of capture cards with newer drivers (e.g. Winnov, iTuner)

Reporting Bugs:
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