Access Grid Toolkit 3.0.2


ANL-supported packages

Externally-supported packages:

3.0.2 changes (since 3.0.1)

  • Allow addition to MyVenues list from Navigation panel
  • Support for multi-headed capture under Windows
  • Fixed: Multicast/Unicast changes can cause multiple beacon clients to run
  • Included QuickBridge.exe in Windows package
  • Updated vic to match source port to destination port
  • Bug 1467:  RAT ui fails to appear on some machines
  • Bug 1471:  AG3 Bridge problems
  • Bug 1489:  Bridge menu state not correct
  • Bug 1494/1495:  Eliminate requirement
  • Bug 1500:  Switching between multicast/unicast does not restart media tools
  • Bug 1502:  Add tooltips to toolbar buttons
  • Bug 1510:  wxpython shared apps fail to start (OSX)
  • Bug 1517:  Clients send heartbeat to bounced server
  • Bug 1518:  Failure to launch mime-type associated applications from venue client (Windows)
  • Bug 1525:  Venue Server code isn't 64bit clean
  • Bug 1529:  Cannot see available bridges (stop using ping)
  • Bug 1530:  Multicast/unicast setting does not follow as venue changes
  • Bug 1531:  SharedPresentation slides don't transition
  • Bug 1532:  VIC sets REUSEADDR incorrectly
  • Bug 1539:  Bridges responding with unusable ports
  • Bug 1540:  Need UI update when adding person to role
  • Bug 1542:  enh: Add node configuration menu in venueclient

3.0 Release Highlights

    • Jabber client integration
    • Integrated meeting schedule viewer
    • Improved venue navigation
      • View all Venues on server, exits from current Venue, or MyVenues
      • Tree-based perusal of Venue space (without entering)
    • Added VenueClient user preferences
    • Certificate no longer required by VenueClient
    • Improved control of media tools through VenueClient
    • Multicast indicator on VenueClient
    • Integrated per-Venue Multicast Beacon client
    • Integrated beacon matrix
    • New bridging facility (available in any venue)
    • Encrypted network communications throughout
    • Simplified node configuration through discovery of node services and service managers on the local subnet (via Bonjour)
    • RAT: silence suppression off by default
    • VIC: stale streams time out and are removed
    • VIC: try to match source port to destination port before using ephemeral port as source (simplifies firewall handling for vic)
    • Windows users:  WDM capture device support, enabling use of capture cards with newer drivers (e.g. Winnov, iTuner)

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