Access Grid Toolkit 3.1 (Beta)

ANL supported packages

Externally supported packages

3.1 changes

  • Inclusion of media tools from Sumover project
  • Venue Client startup time significantly reduced
  • Improved bridging support
    • VenueClient displays full list of bridges (instead of limiting list to ten)
    • Maintains bridge cache in the background
    • User preferences for whether and how often to order bridges by proximity; for refreshing the bridge cache manually; and, for user-specified bridge ordering
    • Support for multiple bridge registries
  • Supports organization of Venue data into folders
    • Users can create folders for organizing Venue data
  • Displays timestamps in Jabber chat
  • Support for SharedPresentation on Mac
  • Support for user-specified multicast group for multicast connectivity detection
  • Certificate-based Venue access control
    • Includes required client-side proxy certificate support
  • Plugin support
    • New extensibility mechanism allows integration of client-side applications

    Bugs Fixed

  • Bug 1473    Slow Start / No Progress Indication
  • Bug 1496    certificate manger crashes on import of certificate
  • Bug 1527    Venue server stops responding periodically
  • Bug 1534    On a mulitcast enabled network, mulitcast is not available
  • Bug 1537    Node management: service delete not working; service mana...
  • Bug 1547    Adding data to a venue fails
  • Bug 1572    Add timestamps to jabber chat
  • Bug 1574    OSX error: saves files with .* extension
  • Bug 1576    Incorrect addresses given to streams
  • Bug 1583    Can't see any unicast bridges.
  • Bug 1601    Bridge server incorrectly reports that it is out of ports
  • Bug 1605    After error, Logs fill with CleanupClients and Checkpoint...    
  • Bug 1618    AGNodeService problem with UCL RAT
  • Bug 1620    NoCertificates exception trying to install certificate
  • Bug 1626    Not all bridges are listed in the client
  • Bug 1629    Built-in USB Video camera causes error "x86..." in consol...
  • Bug 1638    Allow user to change CPU affinity for vic

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