Instructions for Retrieving ADIFOR 2.0

Note: The ADIFOR 2.0 System is NOT in the public domain.

Users wishing to use ADIFOR for educational and non-profit research or for the purpose of commercial evaluation can obtain ADIFOR at no cost by doing the following:

  1. Fill out and electronically submit a copy of the ADIFOR Request Form.
  2. Download a copy of the ADIFOR Public License (see Help with File Downloading if necessary.).
  3. Read and sign the license. Students should have their advisor sign the license.
  4. Fax the signed license to:

Once we receive the request form and signed license, you will be assigned a username and password with which you can access all of files in the ADIFOR 2.0 (Revision D) Distribution Directory. Select and download the Windows 95/NT self-extracting archive and/or the UNIX tar file that you need. Version D of the ADIFOR 2.0 Preprocessor is available for the following platforms:

  1. SunOS-5.x
  2. SunOS-4.x
  3. IRIX
  4. Hpux
  5. AIX
  6. Windows 95/NT
  7. Linux86
Precompiled versions of the ADIntrinsics and SparsLinC packages are available for the platforms listed above and for the Cray T3E.

If necessary, you may also download the distribution files for the previous ADIFOR 2.0 distribution by accessing the ADIFOR 2.0 Distribution Directory.

Copyright Notice
     (C) 1994,1996 University of Chicago
     (C) 1994,1995,1996,1997,1998 Rice University

The ADIFOR 2.0 System is *not* in the public domain. However, it is available for license, without fee, for education, non-profit research purposes and commercial evaluation. Any entity desiring permission to incorporate this software or a work based on the software into commercial products or otherwise use it for commercial purposes should contact:

     Michael Fagan
     Rice University
     6100 Main Street
     Houston TX 77005


     Paul Hovland
     [email protected]
     Mathematics and Computer Science Division
     Argonne National Laboratory
     9700 S. Cass Avenue
     Argonne IL 60439
     (630) 252-6384
     FAX: (630) 252-5986

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