Climate Model Graphics

CHAMMP Scientific Visualization

Graphical work produced using Application Visualization System (AVS). A three dimensional data visualization environment used to produce many types of scientific graphical images. For this project, AVS was used as a imaging tool for the work being done on the Community Climate Model data. The climate model data is generated using highly parallel machines here at Argonne. Then this history data that is produced is feed into AVS to produce graphical representations.

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Technical report about Community Climate Model Visualization using AVS.

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Michael E. Jebb /


A two dimensional slice of the upper most altitude level of the east and west wind velocities, U field.

A contour graph of the U field, averaged over the entire longitude region.

A contour graph of temperature field, averaged over all altitude levels, and displayed over a two dimensional slice of the ORO surface features field.

A spherical representation of a middle level two dimensional slice of the moisture field, displayed over the ORO field.

A combination of two dimensional slices and vectors. The slices display the temperature field and the vectors relate to the wind velocities.