Darshan pre-release 3.1.5-pre1 is now available

A new  pre-release version (3.1.5-pre1) of Darshan is available for download here. Please be aware that this pre-release is experimental and not recommended for full-time use in production yet. An official 3.1.5 release will be available in a few weeks.
The list of new features and bug fixes include:

  • Darshan’s MPI instrumentation method now intercepts both MPI and PMPI symbols to workaround MPI library bindings that are calling PMPI routines directly
    • Contributed in part by Chris Zimmer
  • darshan-util now includes an analysis tool for visualizing DXT traces: dxt_analyzer
    • Contributed by Alex Sim
  • Darshan now supports the DARSHAN_EXCLUDE_DIRS environment variable, which specifies a comma-separated list of paths to avoid instrumenting at runtime
    • Contributed by Cristian Simarro
  • Darshan’s regression test system now includes test harnesses for Cray systems @ the ALCF (Theta) and NERSC (Cori/Edison)
  • Bug fix in Darshan’s shutdown procedure leading to potentially negative timer values
  • Bug fix in Darshan’s autoconf scripts causing specified libbz2 locations to be ignored
    • Contributed by Glenn Lockwood

Please report any questions, issues, or concerns using the Darshan-users mailing list, or by opening an issue on the Darshan GitLab page.