Darshan 3.1.7 release is now available

Darshan version 3.1.7 is now available for release HERE! This version addresses a few bug fixes in the prior Darshan release and also contains a couple of new features:

  • Bug fix in handling of DXT module data in the darshan-convert utility
    • Reported by Mahzad Khoshlessan
  • Bug fix in darshan-parser backwards compatibility: Darshan logs generated by Darshan versions prior to 3.1.0 may have included STDIO counters that were not properly up-converted
    • Reported by Teng Wang
  • Bug fix to MiB reported in I/O performance estimate of darshan-job-summary when both POSIX and STDIO data present
    • Reported/fixed by Glenn Lockwood
  • Added Darshan wrapper for ‘__open_2()’ call, needed for properly instrumenting open operations with some versions of gcc/glibc
    • Reported by Cormac Garvey
  • Added an instrumentation module for the MDHIM key/val storage system
  • Added support for properly handling ‘rename()’, ‘dup()’, ‘fileno()’, and ‘fdopen()’ operations in Darshan

Please report any questions, issues, or concerns using the Darshan-users mailing list, or by opening an issue on the Darshan GitLab page.