New experimental version of Darshan available for instrumenting non-MPI applications

An experimental pre-release of Darshan is now available that enables instrumentation of non-MPI workloads. It can be downloaded here. It is NOT recommended to use this version in production until we have had more time for users to test it.

See the darshan-runtime documentation (located in darshan-runtime/docs from the top-level Darshan repo) for more information on how to build Darshan without MPI support and also how to enable non-MPI instrumentation at application runtime.

Note that this instrumentation method only works on dynamically-linked executables — Darshan still does not support instrumentation of statically-linked non-MPI executables.

We encourage users that are interested in characterizing I/O in non-MPI contexts to try out this new functionality and let us know about any issues or questions you might have! Depending on user experience, we will try to get a release of this software suitable for production deployment soon.