Darshan 3.2.1 bugfix release available

Due to a reported bug in last week’s 3.2.0 release of Darshan, we have decided to quickly release Darshan 3.2.1 for our users. It is available for download here.

This bugfix is somewhat critical, particularly in production environments, as it is can lead to corrupted Darshan log file data and, potentially, application crashes (though we have not triggered any crashes in our testing). The issue was originally detected by noticing bogus values in the COMMON_ACCESS counters reported by the POSIX, MPIIO, and H5 modules.

In any case, we highly recommend any 3.2.0 users upgrade to this version to avoid any potential for crashes or corrupted Darshan log file data.

Please report any additional questions, issues, or concerns using the Darshan-users mailing list, or by opening an issue on the Darshan GitLab page.