Darshan version 3.3.0 is now available!

Following up on our recent pre-releases, a new stable release of Darshan 3.3.0 is now available for download. You can get it HERE.

In addition to the new features and bug fixes introduced in 3.3.0 pre-releases, this release marks the first Darshan version with AutoPerf support. AutoPerf implements two additional Darshan instrumentation modules that can provide details on application MPI communication usage and application performance characteristics on Cray XC platforms:

  • APMPI: Instrumentation of over 70 MPI-3 communication routines, providing operation counts, datatype sizes, and timing information for each application MPI rank.
  • APXC: Instrumentation of Cray XC environments to provide network and compute counters of interest, via PAPI.

See darshan-runtime documentation for more details on how to build Darshan with AutoPerf support.

Please report any issues, comments, or questions to us using the Darshan-users mailing list or our GitLab page.