Darshan 3.4.0 release is now available

Darshan version 3.4.0 is now officially available for download here. This release is a follow-up to our recent 3.4.0-pre1 pre-release, and we believe it is stable and ready for production use. In addition to features and bug fixes introduced in 3.4.0-pre1, this full release includes the following bug fixes to Darshan libraries/tools:

  • Fix segfault affecting new DARSHAN_MOD_DISABLE/ENABLE environment variables
  • Fix divide-by-zero condition that can potentially be triggered by new heatmap module
  • Fix potential MPI errors related to calling MPI_Type_size() on a user-supplied MPI_DATATYPE_NULL type (reported by Jim Edwards)
  • cuserid() is no longer the default method for determining username, and must be manually enabled at configure time
  • Fix backwards compatibility bug affecting darshan-3.0.0 logs in darshan-util C library functions used by PyDarshan
  • Suppress noisy output warnings when using darshan-job-summary.pl
  • Clarify units displayed by darshan-job-summary.pl (reported by Jeff Layton)

We have also released PyDarshan on PyPI, which includes a number of improvements:

  • New Darshan job summary report styling
    • HTML job summary reports can be generated using: python -m darshan summary <logfile_path>
  • Bug fix to heatmap module plotting code caused by logs with inactive ranks
  • Fix warnings related to Pandas deprecation of df.append

Documentation for Darshan and PyDarshan is available here.

Please report any questions, issues, or concerns with this release using the darshan-users mailing list, or by opening an issue on our GitHub: https://github.com/darshan-hpc/darshan.